Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcoming in August with our Pooches

      There is something about the First Saturday celebration that sets me in full excitement mode. I could just bubble over. Every time the streets fill with the warm bustle of visitors taking long strolls down our sidewalks. The local businesses work together with organizations such as the Downtown Partnership to promote local artists and musicians for everyone to enjoy. Wafts of different foods from the many restaurants and pubs launch alluring campaigns for dinner. Each smell reminds me of a fabulous evening spent with some combination of friends and family. And with every memory builds a desire to create new memories with new people.
Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies
     No matter how enticing the surroundings, the biggest attraction for me is the people we meet. Every trip out our front door leads to new conversations and new ideas. One such group is the Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies rescue mission that had set up a tent to help Pit Bulls find loving forever homes. While there we even got to meet "Chello", the cutest white and spotted bully ever. She greets you by nuzzling her head right in your lap!

    These events produce recognition for many small groups of people toiling away at their causes. This weekend highlighted the dogs already a part of our community, introduced available dogs to their future families and brought a large wave of commerce to our region. It was a win-win all around.

     The local businesses sponsor organizations to create these events to promote Downtown Frederick. Both local crafters and businesses work synergistically to bring visitors and residents a spectacularly unique Frederick experience. Musicians and artists draw tourism for businesses, the businesses feature pieces from Frederick's past and visitors bring something for the future. We all get to enjoy the beautiful cultivation of our home, entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to showcase their work, shop owners have access to an eclectic and flourishing market of visitors, and charitable organizations are given a boost. What more could we hope for? - Only to grow the idea to a larger scale.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Dogs and Local Businesses Team Up

Two Paws Up !
      With all things wonderful in Frederick, it is the sense of community that sets Frederick apart. The partnerships of so many different communities all woven together create a large, supportive and fruitful cooperative. The town within the city, warmly dubbed Downtown Frederick, has built a thriving economy crafted around the idea of supporting each other and giving back. This weekend’s "Dog Days of Summer" is a perfect example of businesses extending further into the community.

 A pivotal link in our communal chain is Alison, the owner of Two Paws Up. Alison headed the initiative of inviting visitors to come and explore our town with best friend in tow.

It is hard to miss the stickers in Frederick’s store windows: a bone boasting, “My Dogs Diggin’ Downtown Frederick” or “WOOF”.  These shops all have a common thread: they invite dog lovers to spend a day together with their pooches.  By banding together as a dog-loving town and displaying Alison's signature "WOOF" sticker, they strengthened the heart of the community.

The venture has grown into a large reflection of our culture here in Frederick: a warm and inviting place where small businesses work together cohesively for the good of community. This month’s First Saturday will be raising funds for the local Humane Society. How great is that? Very.  

So tomorrow during all the festivities, take the time to stop and see where it all started. Two Paws Up is likeable on more than just Facebook but here is a link for you to see for yourself!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shab Row and the Fabulous Farmers Market

    While Thursday surely wasn't the hottest day we've had this summer, but that sun shown bright! The brighter it shown, the brighter the fresh produce on display reflected. Frederick's Shab Row hosts a small farmers market packed with varieties, each made from the soil to a farmers hand. The tomatos, peppers, squash and then my very favorite, zucchini were clearly begging to be whisked from the hot sun and brought into my cool kitchen, only to end up in a very hot skillet. While I was there, I even heard mention of a rumor floating; this particular farmers market is the oldest one around!

     Meet Daniel. He's certainly not shy and was more than happy to show me and my hubby all around the huge spread of produce. He was as knowledgeable as young but his youth only added to his enthusiasm. We were introduced to purple peppers and Daniel even helped me pick a Yellow, the pale colored striped ones; they're the sweetest!

                                                                            Kip Kelly & his Tempting Tomatoes

Monday, July 23, 2012

Difficult Run Jazz Band

     This orchestra has left me speechless. Yes I, who shouts every last word from a roof top was left not knowing what to shout after this A-Mazing performance. In my anoesis, the trombones solo made my sedentary rear start to wiggle and toes bounce to the wooing of the band. Who needs a glass of wine when this intoxicating group of talent is on our stage!
   As always the dance floor was filled to the brim with dancers of all back grounds but one most noteworthy was a couple from the region who hip tossed, flipped, jumped, jived and wailed their way to 1st place in the dance contest! If I can wring out the shakes from my video I will share a piece of their unforgettable performance.
    Coming up this week for Frederick performances we have the Alive @ 5 on Carroll Creek with "The Yard Slippers", an energetic self proclaimed eclectic sound bringing a mix of bluegrass and a sound that varies per the mood and guess who is off work on Thursday to take it all in and share with you!
    The Summer Concert Series will also be continuing into Sunday evening at 7pm with "Quiet Fire", a R&B flock of song birds. What a delight it will be to be a part of!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22 2012

"Difficult Run" will be joining us here in Frederick at our Band Shell to share over 25 years of musical experience. They say that "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." Well that saying helps to explain how so many talented musicians could arrive together to creat such a wonderfully well developed Orchestra.

Johny Cash Tribute

The Johny Cash tribute band was an amazing sight to see. When the clouds parted, the music sprang into the air with fervor. The dance floor quickly filled with children, parents and grand folk alike, filling with squeals of laughter and sheer joy from even the most stern of the audience. These guys not only hit with perfect pitch every note, but also filled the space between songs with various stories and Johny Cash trivia. The show was everything that was promised and so much more. A watermelon eaten in attendance is so much sweeter on the green lawns of Baker Park.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baker Park July 15th 2012

      Johnny Cash may finally be at peace but tonight is sure to fire up the same rhythms to get his grave thumping. The Cold Hard Cash band featuring the trio, Rob Petrie, Danny Stellabotte and Geff King on stage tonight in Baker Park. Our entertainment for the evening is touted for their “Spot-on recreations of both the sound and spirit of the originals”. They certainly have some big black cowboy boots to fill, I am sure Frederick found a big enough foot with this Trio. I have to admit, for Johnny Cash I’ll I am a little biased. Classics become favorites from all of the wonderful interpretations by fans but to find a true to sound cover of the original is hard to come by. Lets try and beat the thunderstorms looming on the mountains horizon and make for a great night! 
Check them out at their website (Pretty darn bad arse domain)